Duzey 3D Polyester Mesh

Duzey 3D Polyester Mesh

DUZEY 3D Polyester Mesh has a thickness of 1,5 mm and is manufactured by braiding multifilament polyester fabrics Thanks to its braided texture, it has a 3-dimensional look, similar to a honey comb. This braided texture contributes to healing process of the tissue.


DUZEY 3D Polyester Mesh is used for eventration, inguinal and hernia indications as abdominal wall support with laparatomy or laporoscopy or under coelioscopy.


DM3D7515 DÜZEY 3D MESH 7.5X15 CM 8680081331587
DM3D1015 DÜZEY 3D MESH 10X15 CM 8680081331570
DM3D1515 DÜZEY 3D MESH 15X15 CM 8680081331563
DM3D3030 DÜZEY 2D MESH 30X30 CM 8680081331556

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