Duzey Dual Mesh


Duzey dual mesh is made via integration of non woven polypropylene mesh and medical silicon. Silicon surface prevents sticking on internal organs. Duzey dual mesh has a well shaping memory and provides integration thanks to its flexibility. Perforations support colonization and prosthesis is marked in the middle for easy and complete placement process.

* Dual Side Mesh is double sided, enabling contact with silicon surface organs.
* A fixing mark is available in the middle of the mesh for facilitating the fixing.
* It has macro-pore structure.
* It does not stick on hand.
* Suitable for laparoscopic method.
* Sterilized with EO


Duzey Dual sided mesh silicon covered artificial wall support prosthesis is designed to be used as abdominal wall support prosthesis in a coelioscopic way for inguinal leg and incisional hernias.