Duzey Mesh

Polypropylene Mesh

Primary choice for hernia treatment is surgical operation. Also prothesis materials are considered among surgical options. When sufficient amounts of healthy tissue cannot be found or the defect is larger; it is the primary option to apply prothesis materials. Our product, propylene mesh is the tissue prothesis, which is used instead of tissue supplement exactly at this point. Duzey mesh is manufactured from polymer monofilament fiber, compliant to production principles of medical sutures. Duzey Mesh has a high tension and displosion resistance between thickness values of 0, 30 mm and 0, 60 mm. Duzey mesh enables cutting the mesh without the necessity of removal; as well as provides inner connection between each monofilament fiber and dual flexibility.


  • Accelerates tissue healing thanks to its braided texture.
  • Sterilized with EO.
  • Biologically compliant.
  • Flexible, robust and lucid.
  • Provides ideal pore interval for tissue healing.
  • High power and displosion resistance for sustainable support.
  • Does not cluster and stays strong for long periods of time.

Areas of Use

For the purpose of strengthening abdominal wall; DUZEYMESH has been used in the following indications;
Umblical hernia
Inguinal hernia
incisional hernia
Eventration operations


DM611 POLYPROPYLENE MESH 6X11 CM 8680081330030
DM614 POLYPROPYLENE MESH 6X14 CM 8680081330047
DM7515 POLYPROPYLENE MESH 7.5X15 CM 8680081330054
DM1015 POLYPROPYLENE MESH 10X15 CM 8680081330078
DM1515 POLYPROPYLENE MESH 15X15 CM 8680081330092
DM1520 POLYPROPYLENE MESH 15X20 CM 8680081330108
DM1530 POLYPROPYLENE MESH 15X30 CM 8680081330115
DM2030 POLYPROPYLENE MESH 20X30 CM 8680081330139
DM3030 POLYPROPYLENE MESH 30X30 CM 8680081330146

For other dimensions, please contact us.