Düzey Svt Mini Sling

Düzey Svt Mini Sling

Stres urinary incontinence can be defined as a condition of urinary incontinence which is resulted due to increased detrusor pressure during physical exercise, coughing or sneezing. Duzey SVT Mini Siling is a disposable strap type sterile product which is manufactured for treatment of urinary incontinence. Duzey SVT Mini Siling, has been manufactured from non-colored monofilament polypropylene mesh. It is biologically suitable.


minimal invasive, fast recovery period and wide pores, it supports tissue integration and speeds up recovery period.

Duzey SVT Mini Sling, which can be implanted with single incision via local anesthesia of 10 minutes, provides a minimal invasive treatment choice.

Stainles steel needlei which is used for aplication of Duzey SVT Mini Sling and has diameter of 2,3 mm that is suitable for advenced medical usage, minimizes tissue trauma in transitions and it is disposable.

Tension adjustment can be made during operation.

Blue polypropylene string in its middle provides that mesh is centered well to the urethra.

Thanks to loosening strings in the selections of Duzey SVT Mini Siling, tension amount can be adjusted.


Duzey Svt Mini Sling is used by being placed via an apparatus getting out of the product from incision opened from vaginal wall.


It has monofilament Polypropylene structure.

Mini Sling has an apparatus that was produced from special stainless steel for easy application.

It is used with a single incision.

It was produced from one-piece material for easy usage.

It is resistant to tension.

It has a blue polypropylene string so that it can middle urethra in the middle section of mesh.

There is a blue polypropylene string in the sections of mesh so as to adjust tension of the mesh in urethra.